And Persimmon takes the cake. And flowers, too.

That's it, ladies and gentlemen. That is our bridesmaid dress and color. Not our actual bridesmaid, no. We dropped the Pool and the Oasis, and as we sat in the car waiting to go pick out our flowers, we thought, "Well, heck. This color is fabulous. And that dress? Also fabulous." So there, in the parking lot of our local florist, we made the toughest decision of all.

Persimmon is the color. It's red. Orange. Both. FABULOUS. And that dress? The Fiance is a fan. I am a fan. I even went to David's Bridal to try it on myself. Hell, if I wasn't the bride, I'd totally opt for being my own bridesmaid. I'm happy. We tugged and toiled with different colors and dresses. I liked one, he liked another. I loved one dress, he thought it was ugly. And then we fell upon this, and hooray. We love it all. So there you have it - The Dress. And The Color.

Speaking of our local florist: we picked out our flowers! And they're wildflowers, and they're fantastic! Lilies and spider mums and daisies and EVERYTHING in yellows and oranges. Sigh. So fabulous. And we kept pretty much within our budget.

AND, our CAKE. We designed our cake with our Cake Lady. It's white cake, with a raspberry and French cream strip inside. The frosting is delicious, and the cake will have EDIBLE yellow spider mums on each tier to match our bridesmaids' flowers (which are NOT edible. Sorry, ladies). Also, magical Cake Lady can craft frosting to look like ribbon, so the entirety of the cake will be draped with a "ribbon" in Persimmon. Fabulous? FABULOUS!

And The Fiance put down a deposit for the tuxedo rentals. And we met our photographer. And we discussed the ceremony with Russ the Minister. And OH MY GOD, I'm so excited! Russ the Minister gave us the transcript of the wedding, and it's beautiful and lovely and we shall say, 'I will," not, "I do." According to Russ the Minister.

And our wedding is 10 months and nine days.