And now today is the 3rd best day ever.

If it wasn't for My (upcoming) Wedding Day (375 days), and (the pending) Day I Find A Job And Can Live Within Mere Minutes of The Fiance, today would definitely have made it to the top of my Best Day Ever List. However, it rests comfortably at No. 3.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you sitting down? I. Have. An. Air-conditioner.


Are you in complete understanding of the signifigance of this moment?? No? OK, so I guess now that I think about it, neither am I, nor do I believe there is anything signifigant about this moment, but holy crap, cold air.

If you need my apartment, my sweet, itty-bitty, welcoming, loving, oh-so-frigid apartment, it is currently stewing at about 68 degrees. I'm fully expecting icicles on the shelves when I return tonight. The Cats'll be sprawled out, sipping a beer, and thanking God someone loved them enough to bless them with - can you believe it?! - cold air.

It's been 482 thousand degrees for days upon end and I was merely hanging onto my sweaty, fragile life by a thread. As were The Cats. Who were not pleased. In fact, they were so displeased, they somehow convinced my parents that I needed an air-conditioner for no other reason other than to sustain their own fragile lives. And so it was done. For no other reason than, "Your poor kitties are so hot," my parents bought me a window unit. 6,000 BTU's. Whatever that means, other than "it's really cold in my apartment now, YAY."

And it has a remote. A remote. Like, my TV (which currently has no cable) has a remote. And now my air-conditioner has a remote. I'm pretty positive that life, it gets no better than this. Except, you know, that whole day when I get married and whatnot.

And I am in Heaven. Sweet Heaven. Sweet, cold, I-will-lay-nude-across-my-floor-in-sheer-joy-before-my-air-conditioner Heaven. And life is good. Amen.