And now I'm a boy?

"Oh my God, I had the most disturbing dream about you last night," she told me, still sounding rather disturbed.

The Sister called to tell me she had, well, a disturbing dream about me.

"OK," I said hesitantly, and also disturbed.

"It was SO awful," she added, in disgust. "Oh my God."

Now I'm worried. What, please, is she dreaming about? Did I die? Was I abducted? Eaten alive? Did the Bad Man get me? Help.

"Well, you were... a BOY," she said, shocked, as if, oh my God, it might be true.

I stopped chewing the handful of peanuts I put in my mouth.

"A boy?"

"Yes! And, it was like this big scandal and you were still with The Fiance, but it was some conspiracy with him," she rattled on, excitedly this time.

"OK. Seriously?"

Seriously. She stuck to her guns. And it was still, "SO awful." And disturbing.

Other than my having been a boy and yet still engaged to The Fiance, who was clearly wrapped up in a conspiracy involving a he-fiancee, she didn't get into too many more details. She'd call me later to fill me in.

Seriously? A boy? I'll let you guys know how this one goes.