And nobody objected to the union.

Yes, Erin and Dave are officially married.

O-ffi-ci-ally. (Or however one might break apart the word 'officially').

Also, their house is in one piece, and I'm still ironing out details for my raging house party. Oh, and Erin's blog? Totally still alive and kicking.

Anyway, back to the wedding. 'Twas beautiful. And long (you know, Catholic mass, and all). But Erin was a beauty. All mini and flowing in her looooooong gown. And Dave was all handsome and husband-ly.


I was, of course, a bridesmaid. And I did everything I was told, and didn't mess up once. Good job, Me. I even bustled Erin's dress like a good servant. (Although I can't promise it was bustled to perfection by the end of the night).

And the reception? A BLAST. Erin and Dave are on my list of my most fun, favorite people - and that list is quite small. So their reception was no less fun or fabulous. Gorgeous fall decorations, a CHOCOLATE FROSTING CAKE. Mmmm. And of course, as a bridesmaid, FREE DRINKING.

Half a bottle of Asti and several, several glasses of 7 Up and whiskey later, it was happiness all around. The Fiance and I got to take ourselves onto the dance floor a few times, and catch up with my OTHER favorite person in the whole wide world, AJ (and her very own The Fiance).

I may have had to slap Dave's hand a few times as he was twiddling with his wedding band and putting it on the wrong fingers ('But, I'm not USED to it!'), and small Erin in her BIG dress had to be escorted to the bathroom for assistance in maneuvering her small self and BIG dress to the toilet, I expected no fewer laughs and good times out of those two. (How many bridesmaids does it take to help a mini bride and big dress use the bathroom, you ask? It takes three).

The drive may have been long (6 hours each way), the weather may have been a bit chilly in Ohio (and also WINDY), and I may have drank quite a large sum of free alcohol, but I couldn't have had more fun or be any happier for my friends.

Congratulations, Erin and Dave. Love you both.

Also, pictures are to come.