And my Inner Geek is released.

I heard the worst song on the radio last night. And it wasn't even that horrible of a song. Granted, I wouldn't, like, listen to it recreationally, but I probably wouldn't turn it off should it come on the radio.

However, the song was called - are you ready? - "How I Are."

HOW. I are.

How I ARE. ARE! Are.

I cannot get over it. Blatant improper grammar and verb usage is like nails across a chalkboard. Or snorting wasabe. Burning books.

And now we have music artists like Timbaland creating songs titled "How I Are." Oh my Christ. And this following in the footsteps of that other damn song called "Buy You A Drank."

A DRANK, for crying out loud!

Oh, I'm a dork. It's cool.