And it's so pretty.

In all the hustle and bustle of things like babies and parties and running and laying on the couch, I forgot the most exciting piece of news you'll ever hear: we got our wedding bands.

More importantly, I got my wedding band. And that's more exciting because mine includes diamonds. And those things? I like them. The Fiance chose a solid, white gold band, and while that's exciting and all, pssst: it doesn't have diamonds. Like mine does.

We walked into Jared (oh yes, He went to Jared!), and within point-eight seconds, I was in my happy place, like I am every time we walk into that store, the birthplace of My Ring. There are so many things! That are sparkling!

I've often fantasized over what my wedding band would look like. I'd stare, dreamily, at my engagement ring, and conjure up images in my mind of the most magical wedding band. It'd have princess cut diamonds to match my engagement ring. It'd be taller, too, so as to fit nicely with the height of my ring. Perfection! I swear it!

I'll have you know the actual wedding band I got, looks nothing like that.

Because it is so much better.

It's a wrap. And it consists of a small row of diamonds that will sit on both sides of my ring. It's like two wedding bands for the price of one! And it will sparkle! And I've already played house with this ring, and slipped it on my finger and pretended it was already real.

(Oh, hush. Like you wouldn't).

I'll be taking the ring and wedding band(s) to Jared on the Thursday before the wedding to have them soldered, which, thank God, can be done the same day. And when I pick up the finished product, I'm going to refuse to look at it until it's slipped on my finger during the wedding ceremony. Which means I won't put it back on my finger until then. Gasp. I will miss it.

But, hot damn, that's going to be an exciting three seconds when it's slipped back onto my finger. You know, other than because I will at that moment become a wife.