And it begins.

Starting fresh. It begins Nov. 3. I GOT A JOB.

This job will require me to move for a fourth time in a year, but this move will have so much purpose and promise and will surely be the last time I change zip codes for a long, long time. I'm headed back to where it started - the city I called home for nearly three years, where I've got close friends, familiar streets and (to steal a word from Carrie Bradshaw) my manfriend.

Le sigh.

It all started with a desperate e-mail to a friend who owns a couple running stores in the area.

"Are you looking for any help at either of your stores, please God, amen?"

His response? "Call me."

Sure enough, he was looking for help. Full-time help. While he focuses more on his store to the north, he needs someone to keep an eye on his local store.

Me? Taking charge of a running store? Why, I've died and gone to running heaven.

"This is perfect timing," he said. "I know you and I trust you."

I'll get training, of course, and will get to become a running shoe expert, helping runners find the perfect shoes, and I'll be surrounded by energy gels and running shoes and hydration packs and inspirational running posters and wear running shoes to work EVERY DAY.

I am fanning myself in excitement.



He's letting me take charge of any projects I want - anything to spread the word about the store, about the sport. I'll write the customer newsletter, head up a running blog on the site and try to successfully concoct a local running group to meet weekly for training runs.

Do you see now why I'm peeing? Because I still am.

Twenty-six days and counting. Just when I return from the Marine Corp Marathon. Perfect way to start over.