And I'm going on a blind date.

Tomorrow. Lunch. Me and an internet date.

Now, faithful readers, it's not like a DATE date, it's a lunch date. With a girl. Although The Fiance and I are not speaking today (temper, temper), I would never go on a date. Blind, internet, or not. Unless it was with him. Of course.

But this is someone I met on the internet. You may recognize her. My favorite commenter - klh, if you will. Ahh, it was friendship at first comment.

We 'met' via a mutual friend's blog. She and I, always leaving comments on his blog. So through HIS blog, she found MY blog, and we've been blog buddies ever since. I KNOW. It's totally touching. We'll probably be friends for life. This is like friend-making of the new milennium.

"Oh, how'd you two meet?" stranger asks at one of our future grandchildren's birthday parties in the year 2042. Because our grandchildren will celebrate their birthdays together, of course.

"Oh, well, it was one of those silly weblogs," klh and I will reply, in unison. Probably in matching purple suits. Blue hair.

I can see it now.

Anyhow, our blog commenting turned to e-mails. And we're both really quite funny, I might add. Witty, us two. So our e-mails are highly entertaining. Daily. And SHE is getting married next weekend, then moving to Pennsylvania (where they SHOOT the Amish, I might add. Seriously). So before she's good and gone, and we never have another chance to meet face to face, we shall lunch date. At my favorite Mexican restaurant.

And good times will be had. And we'll totally coordinate the names of our children.