And here I thought I wouldn't have the energy to go on!

Phew. Don't worry, guys. I'm still here, and OK. What with that mean, mean girl making fun of my wittle, bitty nose. And here I thought I was so pretty!

:: sticks finger down throat and vomits, while rolling eyes ::

So, hi.

I dropped off my engagement ring and wedding band at the jewelry store to be soldered tonight. I'll get them back tomorrow, good as new, and vow not to take even one peek, nonetheless to put it back on my finger, until the ceremony on Saturday. That is, like, breaking every rule of marriage, and would declare my wedding invalid. And so my ring finger shall remain naked until approximately 3-something p.m. on Saturday.


Twice, in the one hour and 20 minutes I've been without my ring, I've gone into anaphylactic shock, assuming I lost the thing. My thumb is groping the place my ring used to be, only to be left alone and vulnerable.

It's going to be a long three days. And my hand is naked.