And also, while I'm at it...

Dear Green Bay Packers,



P.S. Oh, and also, from what I'm told, my father, who was once penned "World's Greatest Packer Fan" by yours truly, because the little picture frame that I plastered his picture into when I was 11 and gave to him as a gift said so, is now threatened into his favorite recliner by means of rope and chains and forced to watch Green Bay Packer football games. By Mom, of all people. Against his will. And I bet he swears a lot. And that little Green Bay Packer pillow? The one on his recliner that I got him for Christmas one year? I bet he whips it at the TV. A lot.

Thank you, Packers, for ruining future Christmas, birthday and Father's Day gifts forevermore. Because Packer memorabilia used to be a sure fire way to please him. But now, Packers, I bet he'd appreciate a Chicago Bears pillow instead.

Oooh, dang. I said it.