Anatomy of a killer monsoon that hit central Wisconsin last night.

If you'll notice here, these are ginormous raindrops. That fell on my head. And also onto the pavement. Big, wet raindrops. All over. Mostly on my head.

More raindrops. And darkness. At 5 p.m. It looks like snow. Yay, snow! Only no, it's rain. Of the monsoon variety.

If you'll please take notice here, it is dark. Very dark. And also raining, which you can't so much see because, hi, I am no photographer. But I try. So, you are seeing LOTS of rain. In the dark.

And then this is me, shocked. I'm all, "Hi. I'm shocked. And also soaked." I was in the rain for 32 seconds. And this is what I get. It's very wet dog of me.

And here is me pouring RAIN our of my shoes. My fabulous, little shoes. They had a pool of water in them from being in said rain for 32 seconds. Also, please ignore the rotten sink.

And then suddenly. It stops. And this rainbow appears. Yay, rainbows!

And, you know, MORE rainbow. Pretty. And also, the world is now very orange-y and post-storm-ish. I like the world orange-y. No?

And then THIS is the aftermath of the storm. Orange-y sky. Maybe it sort of looks like a huge fire, which would be fun, as well. Or maybe not for the victims of said fire, but still. Hi, just ignore me because it looks cool. And that is my point.