Also, in case you wanted some snow.

I have plenty.

We got 15 inches of snow over the course of the weekend. And I almost died. Once. Drama.

I drove home from work Friday night, expecting A) no snow and B) not to die. But silly me. I got about halfway home and was slammed by a wall of blizzard. Keep in mind I currently have only ONE working headlight, which doesn't provide much benefit when I am both blind and stupid behind the wheel when it's dark and precipitating. So the snow is all coming at me like that old-school screensaver with the stars shooting at you, that makes you feel like barfing and also as if you're flying through space. So there's that. And then the highway was completely snow-covered, which meant I was driving straight, but that doesn't mean in any way that I was actually driving on the highway, which I could not see. I was also moving forward at a steady pace of 23 mph in a 65 mph-speed zone.

I called The Fiance to say goodbye because at any moment I was going to pull over, crawl into the ditch and die, rather than try and drive my vehicle one more mile. I had 25 more miles to go. He was like, "OK," and rolled over and went back to bed. (I'm kidding).

So anyway, there was that. I did, however, eventually make it home, where I both kissed the ground and rolled around on the living room carpet, relishing in the fact that I was alive.

In other news, I, twice, put my life at risk to drive a half-mile to the gym this weekend to get in my regularly scheduled training runs. And maybe you don't know this, but two things: I got news running shoes. And they are MAGICAL. Magical, people.

I ran three miles and six miles on separate occasions, and each time, you wouldn't even realize I had legs. I couldn't feel them! Not because they were dead, but because they did not hurt. I ran and ran (and ran and ran and ran) without a twang of pain. (That almost rhymed, so I totally had to say twang). This is all very new to me. Who knew shoes that actually fit my feet properly would create such wonders?

So that was my weekend. In case you were losing sleep over it.