Also, I totally ran last weekend.

Remember how all I do is whine about how lazy I am? And that I do nothing about it? Yeah, ha. I RAN on Sunday. My two very temperamental legs took themselves to the streets of The Middle on Sunday morning, and it was, um, well, not bad.

I am highly out of shape, which mostly makes me want to stab myself in the face, but it felt good to motor my body a further distance than from the office to my car in the parking lot. It was a wee chilly outside, but that's why God makes purple thermal tights, over-sized, long-sleeved t-shirts and stocking caps, which means I was screaming Fashion Statement.

I strapped my iPod to my arm, left the heart rate monitor at home, and felt like I did when running used to be a hobby - except the small detail where I can't run further than two miles without pending death.

Anyhow, I felt good the rest of the day. I did some stretching, lifted some dumbbells, also unintentionally barfed up my dinner that night, but that's just details.

I think I'll keep this running thing up.