"Alright, yo. Check it out."

I'm a little sick of Randy, by the way.

How many times can the man say, "Check it out, yo. Check it out. Yo, check it out"?

Although, I generally agree with his comments, but whatever. He's got to stop with the, "Check it out."

So, tonight. Eh. I'm torn. They were all really good. With the exception of Sanjaya, but I've come to accept him as a part of life the way one might come to accept a bad hair day. Or rush hour. Or cancer. He's just not going away.

On that note, it leaves us with the rest of the bunch. Blake, Chris, Jordin, Melinda, Lakisha, blah, blah, blah were all really good. Blake and Jordin were my favorites tonight. I love the song Gina chose, and I think she sung it well, but I'm not sure I'd be surprised to see her in the bottom three. Or two. Or however they do it tomorrow.

For sure on the chopping block, I think, is Phil. Don't get me wrong, I think he's good, but he seems to be a staple in the bottom three.

Since Sanjaya is stuck on American Idol like a dirty bandaid, my guess for the bottom three are Haley, Phil and Gina. Gina better not go home. And I'm sure Haley will stay because of her legs (and probably her cleavage), so I think Phil better have lots of friends tonight.