Already my favorite wedding gift.

The most spectacular thing happened today - I received my most favorite wedding gift to date.

My lovely bridesmaid, AJ, has offered to make our wedding invitations for us as our gift. MAKE our wedding invitations. Make our WEDDING INVITATIONS. Can you believe it? I firmly believe it is a sign from God, herself. Just this weekend The Fiance and I were fretting over invites, arguing over the selection, nit-picking over wording, wishing we had more money, regretting our decision to ever marry (juuuuust kidding), and poof! Suddenly here is this wonderful offer from our wonderful bridesmaid.

I happen to know firsthand that her handiwork is amazing. She recently crafted the invitations for her own wedding (which, by the way, totally wins for most beautiful wedding ever), and their invitations were fantastic. And just so you know, I'm totally running out of positive adjectives in my vocabulary. And I've used the word "totally" entirely too much.

So, because I am completely, absolutely honored that she's going to slave away on MY wedding invitations, probably wishing she'd instead buried her head in a burning fire pit, I would like to tell her how excited I am. And I love her immensely. And I will dip them in bronze like some creepy parents do with their children's shoes. Ahem, her words, not mine. I will also have her know, my parents TOTALLY dipped my baby shoes in bronze.

These invitations and I are a match made in Heaven.