All we want to do is plan a wine party. Gosh.

I've suddenly come upon the realization that, "Whoa. We're busy adults." And by "we" I mean my friends and I. All twenty-somethings. All good friends, work pals, significant others. And all we want to do is plan a wine party. Is that too much to ask?

The six of us gathered last weekend for entertaining TV, good drinking and bad bars. Overall, we had a fabulous time - as usual. It was a last-minute idea that came together quite well. There was no plan, no agenda. Just a "Hey, come over. We're all here." And voila, we had a gathering.

But now we actually want to plan something, and I tell you what, we're busy. When did that happen?

Continuing along the lines of being "grown up," we collectively decided we needed to plan a wine party. Everyone bring a bottle of wine, some cheese, dress accordingly. We're all about class, here. But we've come to a wall: when to actually do this.

This weekend's bad. Holiday, and all. The following weekend? Nope and nope. I've got to work, and my other pal's out of town. So he suggests one of the following two weekends. But I've got a wedding one weekend, and plans the next. So we switch to a different day of the week. Sundays? No. Who wants to be hungover on a Monday? Thursdays? No. My other wouldn't be able to make it. End of June? No. I'm on vacation (yessss) until July.

Crap. So it looks like maybe by the time July gets here, we'll have a wine party. As long as it's not that one weekend I have to work, or that other weekend of that other wedding. Don't get me started on August.

Good grief. I vote we all quit our jobs and devote our lives to planning a less busy life. Who's with me?