All those times I did epic shit.

One of the best parts of having an ongoing blog is being able to go back and remember the things you've done in years past. Because I'm me, some of my favorite memories to reflect on are races, as evidenced by the novellas I write each time I experience another one. I've gone back and pulled the race reports I could find -- including all marathons to date, which makes me happy. Reading them again reminds me of one thing I need to do for as long as I can: epic shit.

I've added this as a tab on the home page of this jolly website so I can keep it forever and ever and ever and add to it at will.

2005 Chicago Marathon — Ah, where it all began.

2007 Oshkosh Half Marathon — My very first half marathon. Ever. After my very first marathon.

2007 Madison Half Marathon — Hey there, look who slacked on a race report.

2007 Green Bay Half Marathon — Ran through Lambeau Field. Experienced race fever for the first time.

2007 Fox Cities Half Marathon — How about that? I PR’d in the half marathon. Finally.

2007 Nike Women’s Marathon — My first Team in Training event, and the most beautiful course ever.

2008 Oshkosh Half Marathon — Same race as last year with much worse weather. And no report.

2008 Rockford Literacy Council Half Marathon — Here I take a stab at trail running for the first time. Ouch.

2008 Green Bay Half Marathon — I realize the importance of enjoying the experience.

2008 Madison MarathonA pretty epic day for me. Shaved over a half hour off my marathon time.

2008 Marine Corps Marathon — Not my fastest marathon, but one of my favorites, by far.

2009 Oshkosh Half Marathon — Hey look! Nothing to read here! But damn, it was a hot day.

2009 Wisconsin Half Marathon — It’s much easier to PR in a half marathon, it turns out.

2009 Green Bay Marathon — My first real attempt at a sub-4-hour marathon. My first fail.

2009 Madison Mini Marathon — Inaugural race, no report. It’s become my favorite, local half marathon.

2009 Grand Rapids Marathon — My first big failure. Boy, was it dramatic.

2010 Wisconsin Half Marathon — Dailymile and Fit Milwaukee collide for the first time.

2010 Rockford Half Marathon — This was the year of PRs, starting with the half marathon.

2010 San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon — The day I finally broke 4 hours.

2010 Dances With Dirt Extreme Half Marathon — I was not prepared for this, but man, it was awesome.

2010 Madison Mini Marathon — Hey look! I ran it again! And still didn’t write about it!

2010 Lakefront Marathon — One of my favorite marathons of all time with my bestie, Annie.

2010 Haunted Hustle Half Marathon — Ran this one with Lori. Her first half marathon. Of course I didn’t write about it…

2011 Chicago Lakefront 50K — This race marked the beginning of an amazing racing year with my best friends.

2011 Wisconsin Half Marathon — Another race that’s become tradition. Another report I didn’t write.

2011 Cleveland Marathon — BONK. Here we have the worst marathon experience of all time. With blood.

2011 Madison Half Marathon — My first experience as an official race pacer. We were a “party on a stick.”

2011 Chicago Ragnar Relay — 30 hours in a van. Running from Madison, Wis. to Chicago. Yeah.

2011 Dances With Dirt Marathon — Camping, running, ridiculous trail marathon, oh my.

2011 Madison Mini Marathon — Third year’s a charm! Why write about it?

2011 North Face Endurance Challenge Gore-Tex 50 Mile — It doesn’t get any more fabulous than this day.

2011 Chicago MarathonSix years to the date of my very first marathon in Chicago.