Airing out the laundry.

I've had this laptop in my lap for two days now. Pandora is my savior. Jason Mraz Radio, to be exact. I'm listening this morning, pilfering through some Gavin DeGraw and Sara Bareilles and The Fray. And then I hear it. That sentence. That awful, cliche, ridiculous line he pulled with me mid-breakup.

"Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same."

I hated the line at the time, now I hate it even more. It's a song lyric. A SONG LYRIC. He broke up with me with a song lyric.

Then it hit me: that is so him. So ridiculously, unoriginal him. He who lives life according to what the Internet and what song lyrics tell him to do. He who breaks up with me using the most ludicrous song lyric he can find from a band I only appreciate for the one song they had on "Grey's Anatomy."

That one song, that one line, those six seconds this morning made me realize I'm over it.