Adventures in spur of the moment geocaching.

As 2011 comes to a close, so does my 2011 Bucket List. Seeing as though I'm going on two-and-a-half months unemployed, and seeing how the majority of what's left on my list requires disposable income I do not have, I don't quite think I'm gonna make it. But thanks to Big Brother From Another Mother, Marty, I got to check off what will probably be my last item: geocaching. Geocaching is what I find to be an incredibly random hobby, but kind of awesome. It's described as a "real-world outdoor treasure hunting game," and that about explains it. People leave "treasures" outdoors -- in a tree, behind a bush, under a rock, anywhere, plot the coordinates on, then go exploring for other geocaches. The "geocache" is the hidden container. Inside the container can be anything, usually a trinket. As people find the geocaches, they swap trinkets, add their own trinket, or simply sign their name and date on the log, also inside the geocache. Then they put it all back where they found it.

That's it.


But! I was surprised how ridiculously excited I was to find my first geocache. I was at Kettle Moraine State Park running the trails with friends, and Marty offered to pull up his geocaching app on his phone so we could locate one nearby and explore. Sure enough, we were within 800 feet of a geocache. I grabbed his phone and went. I basically had to follow the compass on the phone. 500 feet... 300 feet... 100 feet... 70, 50, 15... When I was within 15 feet I just started searching. We were in the middle of the woods, in a bunch of brush and trees, but sure enough, hanging on a branch was a camouflage Nalgene bottle.


I screamed, obviously, because that's what I do, then opened it up. It was full of trinkets -- a mini Koosh Ball, a button, some other random goodies -- and, of course, the log. I signed my name ("krittabug," duh), the date, threw it all back in the bottle and put it back. Bam. Done.

And that, friends, is how it's done. Geocaching: check!