About quitting life to play simulated guitar.

It took me a while to jump on the Guitar Hero bandwagon, but holy crap. Have you played that game? Words, people. Words do not describe all that is fantastic about standing in the middle of a living room, utilizing my incredible dexterity to smoke Tom Morello and Slash in a battle of sheer guitar-playing talent.

On the "easy" level. Of course.

In the 24 hours that spanned Saturday to Sunday nights, I played that game like a pro. Video-gaming is not my thing, but pretending to be a rockstar, however, is completely acceptable.

I perhaps had some alcohol in me, but turns out, being Under The Influence is nothing, if not beneficial, to my rockstar status. And so I played. And played. And played and played.

And let me tell you, Pat Benatar and ZZ Top have nothing on me. And right about now, I'd cut someone to have an Xbox 360. And a plastic guitar.

Because that game is like crack, and I now play it in my sleep.