A whole lot of nothing, to be quite honest.

I checked my email a while ago, and found this: "No blogs today????"

It was from Mom. My blogging has become a lot like phone calls. If Mom and I don't speak for a day, we both assume the other is dead. And now, if I don't blog for a day, Mom assumes I'm dead. So to calm everyone's fears, and assure you that, yes, I am alive, here is a post. Though I can't promise you won't want the 32 seconds back that it took you to read this.

We just had a potluck at work. I'm full. Like, uncomfortably full. Between the meatballs, macaroni salad, Doritos and dirt cake, I forgot that I was running a half marathon. Which also means I skipped my usual noon-hour run for the day. Which means I have to run two miles when I get home. When it's dark. And cold(er). And when I'd rather pull out my toenails with my bare hands than put on running shoes and go outside.


Also, along with failing to comply with my No Chocolate New Year's Resolution, I am severely lacking in the reading department. In order to complete 40 books this year, as is my goal, I need to average about three-and-a-half books per month. I was on track until now. I now have two-and-a-half weeks to finish the book I'm currently stuck on (Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers) and finish another three. That is rather discouraging.

(My stomach is churning, people. Seriously. It was the meatballs).

Speaking of running (was I speaking of running?), I've been running. All week. Can you STAND it? I have officially guaranteed that I cannot back out of this half marathon, seeing as though a column will run in this weekend's newspaper (written by yours truly) that announces to the Free World that, "Hey, I'm running this half marathon." I will then continue to keep the Free World posted on my training progress on our website, and encourage members of said Free World to join me. And if I wuss out in two weeks, and decide, "No, I'm really rather too lazy for this," I've got the Free World to answer to.

Furthermore, as part of my "cross training," I participated in Jazzercise on Wednesday night. I perhaps cringed a little at the thought, and imagined I'd be shimmying across a gym floor with women named Beverly and Shirley, but instead it was quite hard. So hard, in fact, that my rear end still hurts and I discovered new muscles in my arms.

OK, so that's really all I've got for you at the time being. I have a weekend full of nothing (!!) planned, so perhaps I'll work in some more blogging. And reading. And sleeping. And, my God, that sounds fabulous.