A smidge late to the bandwagon.

jam OK, so I'm a little late. I get it. The rest of the free world's been watching "The Office" since the beginning of time, but I like to make an entrance. Dammit.

I've got, on loan, seasons one through four on DVD. I've already made it through the first two. And I need to declare that Jim and Pam are my new Edward and Bella.

Now, wait, don't get me wrong. Jim's no Edward, but Edward's no Jim, either. He's so... adorable. And unconventionally sexy. And, seriously. Seriously. Where does one find the nearest Jim Halpert?

And Jim and Pam together?

Oh, sigh.

Today I watched the season two finale. The episode where, at the end, Jim tells Pam he's in love with her. (Watch the scene). That is, hands down, one of the best scenes on television. It's so... goose-bumpy. I cannot get past the big, ol' tear that drips from his eye as she's trying to say no.

OMG, Jim. Do you need a hug? Because I'll do it. I swear to God.

And then he kisses her... back in the office... OMG...

Those final scenes were incredible. Le sigh.

Tomorrow I shall start on season three. And it will be marvelous.