A photo tutorial, if you will.

Oh, just Erin and I riding the Metro on the way to the starting line. I'm feigning excitement.

Somewhere between miles 15 and 16, taking a stretch break. Smiling, of course.

We ate brunch after the race at this restaurant in Georgetown, which, apparently was featured in the movie St. Elmo's Fire. Regardless, it was good food and I was starving. Try their Eggs Benedict. Delicious.

I would totally win movie trivia right now. This staircase was featured in The Exorcist. Creepy. Also check out my killer medal. And yes, I walked down those stairs post-marathon.

Hi. Do you see this Obama button? And my Starbucks? And the White House? Just checking. Thought I'd point it out to make sure.

If you need Barack Obama come January, you'll find him here.

Yes, I'm holding the Washington Monument IN MY HAND.

I didn't truly feel like I was in D.C. until I got the full experience. Sleeping on benches, and all.

Look at us! Neat! We're standing next to a monument! In D.C.!

You bet your ass I dipped my hand in the reflecting pool. Despite all the gunk and bacteria that was festering.

A marathoner left this medal at the Vietnam Wall with a letter and it made me feel like a total asshole. I was wearing my medal around my neck and parading across the city like a tourist.

Hello, that is my head. And also the Lincoln Memorial.

View from atop the Lincoln Memorial. Also approximately where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his "I have a dream..." speech. I was feeling sort of glorious.

Dear Abe Lincoln, you are quite large. I was hoping you'd be smaller so I could sit in your lap. Guess not.

The Korean War Memorial was awesome. It was right about this point that it started to rain.

So I gave this soldier a kiss for his hard work.

The anticipation was mounting...

Here lies JFK and Jackie O. Moment of silence please. That's also the eternal flame. Burning, you know, for eternity.

You are now witnessing the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. You wish you were there.

Just chillin' at the mall with my homies Hillary and Joe.

Figure'd I'd throw one in for McCain, too.

Enough said.