A name; and it's nice out, by the way.

I've been told I need to name my bike, which is fabulous because I get a peculiar rush out of naming inanimate objects. And also renaming breathing things, like The Fiance, whom I call Herman Frank. Or Harley, whom I refer to as Quinley. But these are entirely different stories.

Back to my bike.

I need help naming it. It's red. It's got two wheels. I also have a yellow helmet, but that is rather insignificant in this case, and that doesn't need a name. Yet.

So, please. Offer up your suggestions. I'll probably use your suggestion, and then end up giving it a different nickname anyway, but still. Try.

On a different note. It is glorious outside today. Sunshine, warmth, seagulls, who kind of suck, but whatever, they make me feel like I'm on the beach and this is my story, so go with it, and I get to run a 5K tomorrow. Granted, my heel hurts, and running a 5K with a pained heel is probably a stupid idea, but you never heard me make the argument that I was levelheaded.

And, well, that's what I'm doing. I fully intend to spend each waking moment of this weekend outside.