A little '24' love.

I just offered my thoughts on tonight's premier of '24' over on my other blog on another site. Click here to read the post for yourself. Or resume reading this post, for I shall copy and paste. Because I had thoughts, people.

Blogger's note: if you neither watch nor care about "24," peace out until the next post!

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Oh, Jack Bauer. It has been too long.

Did anyone notice "24" came back tonight? You should have. It was two hours of the old "24." The show before it became season six, better known as That One Season Where Nothing Happened And Everyone Stopped Caring.

It is back! And it is glorious! And TONY! Tony? You're alive? Did you not die in Jack's arms approximately two or so seasons ago? And now you're a "bad guy"? I'm so not buying it.

In the first half of a four-hour (!!) season premier event we learned that former CTU hot shot and Jack BFF Tony Almeida (who, uh, "DIED") is now part of a terrorist organization. The organization is trying to hack into some government systems and wreak general havoc upon America. As is the usual "24" protocol each season.

The theory is that Tony is lashing back at the government, who was responsible for the death of his wife, Michelle (aw, Michelle, I miss you), and the general destruction of his life at the hands of corrupt former President Logan (who looked like a bulldog).

Jack, who is facing the United States Senate, accused of torturing people during his time with CTU (duh, isn't that how he saved the world SIX TIMES? Where is this guy's respect?), is subpoenaed by the FBI to help track down his once-homie Tony.

Of course he is. Leave it to the government to come crawling back to Jack Bauer for the, uh, seventh time, is it? To save the country? Which I'm sure he'll do. And as soon as he does the government will throw him back to the dogs. Like they've done before. SIX TIMES. Dude seriously gets less respect than Rodney Dangerfield.

And so the story resumes...

Lots of tense moments and car crashes and chasing and almost-plane-crashes and FBI moles and Janeane Garofalo (wait, seriously?) later, Jack's got Tony in his clutches. The FBI is taking him down. It's quite a moment, really. Tony and Jack. Jack and Tony. COME ON, you're BFF'S! Embrace! Share a beer!

But no. Jack gives Tony the stink eye.

"What happened to you, Tony?," he asks in his rough-and-tumble Jack Bauer voice. "What happened to you?"

So the questions looms. What DID happen to Tony? I don't buy that he's a bad guy. They caught him too quickly. By 10 a.m., even! BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?


I shall wait until Monday night. We get another two hours.

(Oh, and really, Fox? Janeane Garofalo? I don't understand. Where's my girl, Chloe?)