A lesson in hydration.

I went out for my first warm-weather run of the year on Saturday. And by warm I mean really warm. Quite warm. Warm to quite warm. I forgot how difficult that is, first of all. Hell, it was probably only in the upper 60s, and I was sweating buckets. Breathing was difficult. The sun was bright. Yuck, all around. I even got a touch of sunburn, but that was at least exciting. It's been a while.

Anyway, the heat wasn't the worst of it. The fact that the only liquid nourishment in my body in the previous 24 hours was alcohol was. I generally drink a lot of water. A lot. All day, water. I'm one of those people with a Nalgene bottle in the vicinity at all times. And I never realized, until Saturday, just how critical hydration is.

I felt like CRAP. Complete crap. My muscles were tired, my mouth was dry, I had no energy.

The difference between running while properly hydrated and running on empty is huge. I never really paid much attention to that, but I learned my lesson.

So, note to self: if you're running, please hydrate. Plenty. Keep water at your desk. Drink it. When you head out for runs further than 10 miles, bring some water with you, or make sure you've got stops along the way. It's going to make a difference in how you feel. Trust me.

I've got a hydration belt that I take with me on really long runs, which works pretty good. But I'm not opposed to just carrying along a bottle of water, which I did last week on my 14-miler.

Either way, water is goooood. Does a body good? Or that's milk. Whatever. Details.