A group of my own.

This might be a little smooshy, so deal with it. I helped create and promote an informal running group last winter in preparation for an inaugural half marathon. Every Saturday morning we'd meet at the local coffee shop, pile on our layers and head out for the weekly training run.


I got to know so many runners in the community, and runners are my favorite kind of people. We get it; have an understanding of each other. It's an instant camaraderie. Whether you stop for Kodak moments during a marathon in San Francisco, finishing in a meager 4-hours and 49-minutes or qualify for Boston.

You are aware I'm not the latter.

This summer was a tad chaotic, and it was hard to make it each and every Saturday morning. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I was able to make it.

We keep in touch weekly, via email, and update each other on our races, etc., but this morning I was finally able to join the group, and it was awesome.

It was just four of us this morning, and we headed out for a quick five miles, but it's what I missed. Running in a pack. Forgetting you're running. Talking to other runners. About running.

We sat in the coffee shop afterward, warming up, drinking our respective hot drinks, and shat the shit. Learned about the Marine Corps Marathon. Talked about any and all things. Laughed, stretched, made no apologies for our sweat.

That is the perfect Saturday morning.