A great review of "This Is It" on CNN.

CNN posted an excellent review of "Michael Jackson This Is It." Read it here. We saw the movie last night. It was great, to say the least. There's not much more I can say that the CNN review does not, so read it. Fans get to see a part of Michael Jackson we've never seen. Something other than the awkward interviews and scandals, or the music videos and concert footage. This is behind the scenes. This is Michael Jackson doing what he loved, working with his crew. He was not feeble. He was not weak. He did not struggle with the rehearsing or falter in any way. He didn't look tired. He didn't look old. He didn't look like he was going to die in just a few weeks. The concert would've been amazing. He was the same man we've rocked out to all these years.

He was Michael Jackson.