A grassroots effort to save Jacko.

OK, I get it. He's creepy. He sleeps with small children. He's black. Or white. Gray? Don't be so insensitive, it's a disease. Gosh. (I kid, I kid).

Maybe his nose has spontaneously combusted, however, he does not suck.

But Michael Jackson has been up on the chopping block. A, uh, person I know (we'll call him Steve) has a blog. It's a big deal. Apparently. Weekly, he posts a "Does He Suck?" poll. Last week it was Brett Favre. This week - Michael.

Go to Under 30 Blog immediately and save him. The rule is you vote "suck" or "not suck." You may also partake in the witty banter amongst the comment regulars, but beware. It gets ugly. Steve and I are no longer on speaking terms anymore. That's how ugly.

So back to Michael. Come on. The glove? The Moonwalk? (Child molestation charges, dancing on limousines... ?) Shut up. He's awesome.

Oh, and by the way, Brett Favre "does not suck," according to faithful voters.