A conversation with Alice's dad.

"She actually slept pretty well last night and wasn't too fussy. SUCCESS!! Hopefully it wasn't a one night wonder," Daddy Dave said in an e-mail this morning. I, of course, cannot let prime opportunity for good-humored ribbing pass me by.

"One night wonder," I reply. "Hmm. I hear that's how Erin got preggers. Just saying."

"You're telling me. I go out of town for one night...," he said.

"... and Johnny Depp swoops in," I finished. It's true. Erin's affinity for Johnny knows no bounds. Rumor has it he's the real father.

Dave, of course, is well aware of this rumor. We use "rumor" lightly because, well, (it's true).

"He was back in the state around the time Alice was born. Coincidence? I don't think so," he quickly replied. It's the best part about Gmail - quick responses.

"Baby daddy to the rescue!"

And, really, we say the baby has a Wasinger nose, like daddy, but I think Alice has the unmistakable look of a handsome, swashbuckling pirate.