A compliment a runner can appreciate.

"You have excellent blood pressure," the dental hygienist told me. Apparently we measure blood pressure during dental visits now.


"You must be a runner."

Inside, I squealed. I've never been told I had good blood pressure before. And I'm a runner. She could tell. One-hundred seven over 62. An average blood pressure is 120 over 80, she told me. All that running has conditioned my heart muscles. My pulse was 53.

That small piece of information - my blood pressure - made my day. And I was easily able to throw it in Mom's face. See, Mom? Running isn't going to kill me. Take that. Because she's always right. And this time, I am. So I danced a small victory dance.

And we felt good, my excellent blood pressure and I. And this morning, when I considered dying during my 16-mile run, I remembered that I? I must be a runner.