A club of crazy.

OK, before I go any further, I need you guys to know I'm currently listening to the second Glee soundtrack, which was released today, and if you're a Gleek - OMG GET IT RIGHT NOW. It's so good. OK, carrying on.

If you're in or around Wisconsin, or in the Midwest, or have ever experienced winter in your life, we're about to get our first blizzard of the season. It generally sends everyone into a panic. Like, OMG SNOW WHAT HALP? People forget how to drive. How to sleep. How to breathe.


I happen to love it. No, I do not love driving in it, but snow makes me happy. Blizzards excite me. Any sort of weather event is fun to me, which is exactly why I love Wisconsin and the Midwest and having four seasons. ALL KINDS OF WEATHER EVENTS TO EXPERIENCE.

So. It's going to snow. It's, like, Snowpocalypse 2009. We're all on edge. Checking out the windows. WHEN IS IT COMING, IS IT SNOWING YET?

I'm right in the midst of a running mission, and this damn snowpocalypse is determined to destroy it. I'm 72 miles shy of hitting 1,000 miles for the year. I am hellbent on not letting this snow monster deter me. So, this morning, as the first flakes of blizzard were already falling, the temperatures were dropping, and people were driving erratically, I headed out for four miles.

There aren't many people outside getting in last minute exercise in the midst of pending weather events. Oh no. Most of them are inside stocking up on canned goods. But there were a few of us, and we all shared the crazy eye. The smirk on our faces that says, "SNOW BE DAMNED." Those of us who either don't have access to a treadmill, or frankly, just don't care.

We are the crazy ones. I passed a few of them, and we shared a passing wave. A smile. A nod that we both understood, as we blinked away snowflakes.