A bit of housecleaning, if you will.

Every so often I get the urge to clean things out. It's generally things like my closet or bathroom drawers or car or desk. But last night it was my e-mail contacts list and my Facebook friends. I feel significantly lighter today.

GMail, itself, is a pain in the ass. (But I do love it so... sigh). Any time you e-mail ANYONE, it saves them in your contacts. I do not need to save the e-mail address of every, single person I've ever e-mailed. So, delete, delete, delete, see you, goodbye, won't miss you at all.

Felt good.

But Facebook is another ball game. I actively solicit those friendships, or approve them as they come to me. First of all, I haven't seen YOU in eight years, and I didn't even like you THEN.

Secondly, I THINK you and I lived on the same floor freshman year in the dorms, but nothing about your name rings a bell, bye.

And C) you're an asshole, see ya.

So if you've found yourself missing from my ever-shrinking list of Facebook friends, take it personally.

Because I feel much better now.