In three weeks I'm hightailing it out of here and heading to Orlando for five days on a trip I fully intended to cancel several times due to breakups and job loss and plain, old Do Not Want. The Goofy Challenge. An overpriced race weekend at Walt Disney World. And by overpriced I mean those medals better be made of gold and Mickey Mouse's love potion. It's a half marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon on Sunday. Three t-shirts, three medals, and lots of photos of Disney characters. Though I'm still not sure what all the money is for. The race, itself, has been paid for for so long that I didn't mind flushing the race registration down the toilet and pretending it never happened. I booked a flight with trip insurance with the intention of being able to cancel if I found myself still unemployed. Turns out unemployment isn't a valid reason to get reimbursed a flight cost if you weren't with your company for at least three years. Soooo. I decided if I have the entire trip already paid for, I might as well go.

My dear, precious friends in Orlando have offered to adopt me for the weekend, toting me to and from the airport and letting me sleep with their cat. They've promised to feed me Sour Patch Kids and teach me to paddleboard, so, you know, it's a pretty sweet deal. Also FLORIDA. In JANUARY. I live in WISCONSIN. The weather is bound to be better than it is here. And who doesn't want five days of Florida? It's gotta be better than five days on my own couch, right?

So while I'd been convinced for a while that I wasn't going to go, and then dreading actually going, I'm now damn excited to get away for a long weekend. I'm going to be more than unprepared for the actual running part of the adventure, but that's when taking advantage of the spectacle that is the Disney Marathon comes in handy. Just stop. Walk. Take pictures with Goofy. Someone just hand me some medals when all is said and done. Thankfully two of my good running pals are heading down there, too, so between the three of us ladies, we'll survive the challenge.

I can't think of a better time to get the hell out of here and head out on a mini vacation, even if it won't be glamorous. I promise to take lots of pictures and verify whether my medals are, in fact, made of Mickey's man juice. STAY TUNED. And if I don't come back, can someone please mail me my cats? OK thanks.