It's Tuesday

This picture kind of sums up my weekend. It was taken by a friend at a Pork Party on Sunday. Yes, pork party. We ate the most delicious slow roasted pulled pork you'd ever imagine.

Clearly I enjoyed myself that night. How could I not? Seriously. That food was delicious. But if you look reeeeeal hard, you can just make out that small slice of impending death. That is exhaustion, people.

Exhaustion and sunburn, by the way.

So, also, I've been watching "Make Me A Supermodel" on Bravo today, and it is such a poor man's "America's Next Top Model." Tyson Beckford is no Tyra Banks. I'm just saying. And why are they always nekkid?

And speaking of nothing, some were curious about my half marathon finish. It wasn't my best, but not my worst, either. Finished in 2:03. Last year I ran a 1:49, which is my best. I already know my training's been lacking this year, so I'm not surprised.

And you're DAMN RIGHT I was rocking a running skort.