"It's really hard being away from him, isn't it?" she asked, as we sat, wine coolers in hand, watching the photos from my vacation to Myrtle Beach flash across my computer monitor.

I sat crookedly on my chair, resting my chin in my hands, remembering our fabulous week. One of my best friend's sat with me, staring idly at my screen saver of photos. Kisses on the beach. The view from the pier. The Fiance tugging at a crab leg. Our friends at the bar, glasses raised. Our engagement. Holding hands. Falling more in love.

I keep photos of The Fiance scattered throughout my apartment because I miss him when we're apart. And this is the first time I've been asked if it's hard, and quite frankly,

"Yes," I said, staring at our memories, feeling my face flush with sadness. "I hate it."