2011 Bucket List: Buy a pair of Newton running shoes

IT HAPPENED. My first pair of Newtons. And do you SEE how glorious they are? DO. YOU. SEE! I am screaming on the inside. And outside. Do you hear me? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

OK good.

This was officially the first thing I was able to check off my 2011 Bucket List. I've wanted to try Newtons for, like, ever. I'm not gonna go all scientist on you and dissect all the ways they're awesome, BUT, they're designed to mimic the advantages of barefoot running (a la forefoot striking). (Forefoot striking is gooooooood, heel striking is baaaaaad).

This is one of my favorite stories to remember of the year so far. I tend to ramble on the internet, as we've learned, and one day, after these shoes were recommended to me, I posted to both Twitter and Facebook that THESE ARE THE SHOES I WANT. Real bad. Then one day they appeared. In the mail. In a box. No note, no card, no explanation. I just HAD them. After I got done shrieking, I realized, WAIT WTF. Where did these come from?


Rational, of course.

I called my mom. Hesitant. I was so excited it didn't matter that MAYBE THERE'S A WACKO ON THE INTERNET TRACKING DOWN MY ADDRESS TO SEND ME MAGICAL SHOES.

God? Is it YOU? Did YOU send me magical shoes?

Instead, mom answered the phone. It went something like this:

"Mom... "

"Yes, child."

"Mom I got magical shoes in the mail with no explanation. As Mother, you need to explain this to me because I am a-scared that maybe there's a stalker, I don't know. Help. Etc."

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!11!!!!1!!!!!"


OMG MY BIRTHDAY! They were a BIRTHDAY PRESENT! From my loving FAMILY! NOT A STALKER. I was so excited. A surprise! A surprise present! I patted my mom on the back for a job well done, and carried on with my shrieking.

I've yet to try them. I need to start small -- work my way up to running longer distances in them. With the shift in foot strike that occurs while running in Newtons, you gotta start careful. The last thing I want when wearing my shiny, new, magical Newtons is an injury. So. For now they sit in their box, awaiting a glorious spring day, when I can bust 'em out and do my thing. My shiny, new, magical thing.

Until then, just look at them. LOOK AT THEM.