OK, WHOA. We need to back up the trolley a little bit. You remember that last post? The one about my deep, deep love of Michael Jackson? Uh, that was my TWO-HUNDREDTH POST! This is huge.

200 posts in 10 months. That's roughly 20 posts a month. Or in today's case, 48 posts a DAY. Or not, but whatever. I'm feeling blog-y.

So everyone bow your heads, and give a moment of silence in honor of my 201st post. This is a milestone. And in honor of this milestone, let's celebrate in the form of re-reading my favorite post from each month, shall we? Yes, we shall. Cue some cheesy music, and let's remember the good old days:

November 2005: Well, since I only wrote one post that month, and it's about my dearest sister, here it is: I'm telling mom.

December 2005: Ah, reminiscing the marathon. ...and then there's that.

January 2006: A little bit of get-to-know-me. Or you. You think you know a person. And then you find out they hate cats.

February 2006: And then that one time Jason got dumped. Jason, you can be my geek in the pink.

March 2006: Only the saddest moment in all of March. "If the plane goes down... damn"

April 2006: On saying goodbye to Internet. I'm half the woman I used to be.

May 2006: Oh, The Cats always make for good fodder. Probably the funniest thing I've seen. Today.

June 2006: And then there's that boob of mine. And that's how Noah saw me bare.

July 2006: The best thing ever. The ring.

August 2006: I love my clean floor. And I can walk BAREFOOT.

Ahh, there. Now don't you feel better? I do.